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Partnerships and innovations

Partnerships and innovations Working with others

We are committed to providing the best possible end of life care for individual patients. We know the best way to do this is by working with others, whether to design or deliver healthcare or to join up health and social care at the end of life.

We work regularly with and alongside local hospices and providers of community healthcare of all types, including charities, traditional NHS providers, social enterprises or the private sector.

The collaborative work we do ranges from formal service delivery consortia and service design partnerships to informal but close day to day working relationships.

Better Together

Marie Curie Cancer Care and the British Heart Foundation worked in partnership on the Better Together project to deliver better patient care to advanced heart failure patients in Poole, Bournemouth, Bradford and Airedale.

Read more about the Better Together programme

Caring Together

Marie Curie, British Heart Foundation Scotland and NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde are collaborating on a five-year project to develop new approaches to meeting the palliative care needs of people with heart failure.

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End of life care for people with dementia

Marie Curie, For Dementia and Haringey Primary Care Trust worked together in a project to review end of life care for people with advanced dementia.

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St Mungo’s Palliative Care Project

This is a project to develop a flexible and responsive care pathway to support the end of life care needs of the homeless population in London, and to enable them to die in the location of their choice.

Read more about the St Mungo's Palliative Care Project