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St Mungo's Palliative Care

St Mungo's Palliative Care service was set up in 2008 in partnership with Marie Curie Cancer Care.

London's largest homelessness charity St Mungo’s had become aware that, at times, homeless people’s own responses to life-threatening illness, as well as the responses of statutory providers, could and should be improved.

Because of this, they developed a service to help terminally ill hostel residents, alongside support from Marie Curie.

Project outcomes

Since the project began, an end of life care service has been advanced at St Mungo’s. This has succeeded in the following:

  • identifying potential end of life care indicators for advanced liver disease, a major cause of death among the homeless
  • providing one-to-one support to residents so that they can make informed decisions about their preferred care environment, as well as the type of care they wish to receive
  • delivering training to frontline hostel staff who provide the majority of end of life care support to St Mungo’s residents, and then rolling this training out to other homelessness agencies UK-wide
  • co-producing a number of informative resources for hostels in the UK
  • starting a pilot bereavement service within St Mungo’s to meet the impact the death of a resident may have on other residents and frontline staff

‘Homelessness and End of Life Care’ information pack

This resource pack, ‘Homelessness and End of Life Care’, is the first of its kind in the UK, and the latest result of a ground-breaking five year partnership.

Funded by the Department of Health from 2008 to 2011, it addresses the obstacles that the homeless and vulnerable face in getting appropriate, high quality end of life care.

The comprehensive document pulls together tools, templates and relevant resources for staff working in homelessness organisations and those working directly with the homeless.

This interactive pdf has been linked between its sections and subsections for easy navigation.

Download the ‘Homelessness and End of Life Care’ information pack

Guide for end of life care for hostel residents

The National End of Life Care Programme has published a practical guide to support hostel staff in ensuring that people nearing the end of their life receive high quality end of life care.

To view this guide visit the National End of Life Care Programme website.

‘Homelessness and End of Life Care’ information pack

Download the ‘Homelessness and End of Life Care’ information pack (PDF, 1001KB).
Download file
Download the ‘Homelessness and End of Life Care’ information pack (PDF, 1001KB)
‘Homelessness and End of Life Care’ information pack
Category: Documents
(PDF format, 1001KB)

‘Supporting homeless people with advanced liver disease approaching the end of life’ report

Advanced liver disease is a primary cause of death among people who are homeless. Read the 2011 research findings commissioned by St Mungo’s and Marie Curie Cancer Care into enhancing end of life care for the homeless.