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Marie Curie Shops

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Marie Curie runs around 180 charity shops across the UK which help to raise vital funds to care for terminally ill people and their families.

Marie Curie Shops offer many advantages to the communities they serve. Apart from value-for-money shopping, our shops enable customers to buy responsibly, as purchasing ‘re-used’ goods means that they are made full use of before being recycled or thrown away.

Our shops are also environmentally friendly, as almost all our donated goods, whether sold or recycled, do not end up in a land fill.

How you can get involved

Marie Curie Shops rely on the generosity and commitment of local people whether they volunteer their time, donate second-hand goods or simply come in and do some shopping.


Shop with us

Come in and browse for high-quality, affordable goods, ranging from clothes to household items.
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Volunteering in your local shop is a great way to support your local community while meeting new people and learning new skills.
Find out more about volunteering



Donating just one large bag of clothes will raise enough to pay for one hour of Marie Curie nursing care in a patient’s home.
Read more about donating to our shops

eBay shop

Visit our eBay shop

Shop on eBay to get what you need online or support us when selling through eBay by donating a percentage of the sale to Marie Curie.
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