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Campaigning on behalf of terminally ill people and their families

Policy and public affairs Marie Curie Cancer Care campaigns on behalf of people with a terminal illness and their families across the UK.

We are passionate about ensuring that people at the end of their lives and their loved ones are able to access the high-quality care they need at the time they need it the most. Wherever possible, we work in partnership to make this happen.

The right to die in a place of choice

Research shows around 63 per cent of people would like to die at home if they had a terminal illness, with a sizeable minority opting for hospice care.

However, more than 50 per cent of cancer deaths still occur in hospital, the place people say they would least like to be.

Since 2004 Marie Curie Cancer Care has been campaigning for more patients to be able to make the choice to be cared for and die in their place of choice.

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