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Fundraising ideas

Fancy dress

Zodiac party

Organise a theme party around the zodiac. You can dress up based on the theme, play games and even get guests to discuss whether they are truly like their star signs.
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Non-uniform day

Let pupils come to school in their own clothes if they make a donation to Marie Curie Cancer Care.
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International theme party

Party on with a themed get-together where people wear different international costume and taste cuisine from across the globe. Hopefully your friends will be able to help organise the event and you can hold collections or sell tickets to the party and raise money.

Loud ties

Give colleagues or friends an excuse to wear their 'crimes against fashion' ties while raising some money at the same time.
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Fancy dress party

Get the Superman costume out or whatever else takes your eye by organising a fancy dress party. Charge an entrance fee or organise collections on the night.

Dress down day

Find out who the smart dressers in your office are by charging people a fee so that they can wear casual clothes to work.
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Cash in your attic

Swishing party

Swishing is the term used to describe parties where individuals take along items of clothing and swap them with others. The swapping of women's vintage clothing or second hand designer clothing is a great way to update your wardrobe without spending any money. It offers the ultimate guilt-free alternative to shopping.
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Holding an auction is a popular way of fundraising. Get local businesses or colleagues to donate items.

Jumble sale

Go rifling through your possessions, and get others to do the same, before putting it all on sale to raise money.
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Sell online with eBay

Set up your own charity auctions with the help of eBay. Find out more about how to support Marie Curie through eBay.

Place your bets

Check the latest information and advice at


Hold a raffle and see if colleagues, local businesses or friends are willing to donate prizes.
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Poker evening

If your friends like a gamble, organise a poker evening where all the winnings go to Marie Curie Cancer Care.


Reel out some of those classic Bingo calls by organising a round of this traditional pastime, getting colleagues and friends to join in the fun.

Test your mettle

Spelling bee

Test vocabulary in this event which is often a great way to help children learn. Offer prizes and encourage parents and guardians to donate.
Create a poster to advertise the event
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Pub quiz

See if your local pub can host a pub quiz or if there is already a regular quiz night, can they hold one in aid of Marie Curie Cancer Care?

University challenge night

Organise a fundraising night themed around the cult BBC show where teams of students do battle. Usually it is teams of three people and you can always make the questions slightly easier than the ones on the show.
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Treasure hunt

Treasure hunts are great fun for all the family and are a popular method of fundraising. Get friends and colleagues to help you organise it and sell tickets to raise money.

Department challenge

Take advantage of inter-departmental rivalries and organise a fundraising challenge. You can do whatever you want: from a paintball battle to a five-a-side challenge.
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Guess the weight

Fill up a jar with sweets and then hold a guess the weight competition. Everyone pays something and the winner gets the jar.

Host with the most

Blooming Great Tea Party

Blooming Great Tea parties are simple to organise and are a fun way of raising money. You can be really creative with this event. For instance, bake and sell cakes or hold your party in an unusual location.
Find out more about hosting your own tea party

Murder mystery evening

Hold a murder mystery evening, where all the participants try to solve a crime in an imagined scenario. There are companies which can organise this or perhaps you can rope in friends to help you organise your own version. Sell tickets for the event to raise money. Create a poster for the event

Comedy night

Organise a comedy night where either participants can try their hand at stand-up or where you book some performers and then sell tickets for the event.

Black tie ball

People love dressing up so turn on the glamour and hold a back-tie ball, selling tickets to raise money. Create your own invitations for the party

Television theme night

Take advantage of the popularity of television shows by organising a themed evening dedicated to Come Dine with Me, the Apprentice, Britain's Got Talent or whatever else is grabbing viewers' attention. Assess what skills friends, colleagues and contacts have and then charge entry fees or sell tickets to raise money. Use the format of the show to structure your event.

Song & dance

Busking day

If you are a dab hand at a musical instrument, get out on the street and start playing something. If you're good you'll get donations from passers-by. Find out how to send in your fundraising efforts


If you have friends who play in a band, or you play in one yourself, then rope them in to doing a charity gig.

X-Factor night

Organise an event themed around the X-Factor show where participants can show off their singing talents. Sell tickets or charge an entry fee to raise money.

Salsa evening

Organise a salsa dancing evening, have fun and step yourself into shape. Sell tickets for the event to raise money. Create a poster for the event

Karaoke evening

Organise a karaoke evening, which is a fun way to raise money and discover hidden talent! Sell tickets for your event, try and get donated prizes and vote for the winners.
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Come dancing

Get people strutting their stuff on the dance floor with waltzes and the like. Sell tickets, hold collections and even organise a competition for the best dancing couple.

Get active

Sponsored darts or dominoes

Darts and dominoes are sure to generate interest and help you raise vital funds. Try to organise prizes while participants should either get sponsorship or pay an entry fee. Ask businesses if they will help you with sponsorship.

Go-Kart rally

This popular activity is sure to get the funds racing in. Organise a competition with friends or colleagues. Alternatively, just put on an evening and sell tickets. Read more about potential risks or safety issues

Yoga marathon

If yoga is your thing, organise a session with friends or a yoga group. See how many people you can get to join in and sell tickets or see how long you can last to raise sponsorship.

Sports day

Hold a sports day which can be fun for all the family. You can hold anything from sprints to sack races.
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Football match

Almost everyone loves football. Organise a charity game and collect donations or try and get participants to raise some sponsorship. You could even arrange a charity tournament. Find out how to send in your fundraising efforts


Team sports are a great way of raising funds. You could organise a tournament and charge an entry fee.

Gym challenge

Organise some fitness challenges at the gym and raise money by holding competitions or having collections.

Golf day

Golf days are a popular method of fundraising which can even attract high-profile participants if you have the right contacts. Sell tickets for the event and perhaps organise prizes to tempt people to join in.

Quick & easy

Head or beard shave

Get sponsorship for removing your hair or beard. Maybe a group of you can do it for maximum impact.

Cake sale

Use the lure of cake for elevenses to entice colleagues to help you organise a cake sale. Try to get everyone to contribute a culinary creation.
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Run a tombola

If you can hold a tombola at a fair, carnival or another community-type event then it is a simple way of raising money. Tombola is like a raffle and they generally involve picking tickets out, some of which have prizes.

Bring and buy sale

The bring and buy sale is a time honoured and traditional fundraising method. People bring goods to be sold and buy items which are on sale.

Leg wax

Organise a sponsored leg wax and get participants to raise some sponsorship before they get the treatment.

Car wash

Get the cars on your street gleaming and raise money in the process. You could even organise a bigger event, roping in some volunteers and charging motorists who drop by. Create a poster for the event

Last resort

Get bagging

Visit your local superstore and, for a small donation, you can help those shoppers pack their bags before they drop.

Empty the penny jar

Time is running out, every penny counts and that jar full is just waiting to be cashed in.

Car boot sale

Have one last look around the house for that unused smoothie maker and get up ridiculously early to make those last few pounds at the local car boot.


Dig out that guitar you promised to learn and go busking. It doesn't matter if you're any good, perhaps they'll just pay you to stop.

Street collection

Sign up for an official Marie Curie street collection, put on your whackiest fancy dress and your biggest smile and head out onto the streets.

Fundraising toolkit

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Paying in money

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