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Fundraising ideas

Stuck for inspiration? Here are some ideas to get you started. There’s lots more inspiration and ideas in our pack. Get more fundraising resources.


Bake sale

Enjoy baking? Then hold a bake sale in aid of Marie Curie! Include a cake decorating competition to find the star baker.

Auction of promises

If you can offer a special skill or service, then auction it off for a day to the highest bidder.

Fancy dress

Make your school or work day more interesting by having a fancy dress day. Have a simple non-uniform or dress-down day, or go all out and introduce a theme.


Gather a donation of prizes and put them all into a raffle. Ask friends and family for high-quality items or approach local businesses.

Come dine with
Marie Curie

Host a dinner party and charge for an entry ticket or per course.

Village fête

Organise stalls and hold small competitions such as guessing games to raise as much as possible.

Office Olympics

See how sporting your colleagues are! Charge a fee for entering activities such as pencil javelin or chair racing.


If cycling is your thing then speed off on a sponsored ride. Use it as your motivation to get fitter or learn a new skill. Get sponsored to do a coast-to-coast ride or to cycle to work for a day, week or month.


Get your dancing shoes on and ask your local Zumba group to take part in a Zumba marathon. You could even get sponsored to see how long you can last!

Night in

Swap a night out for a night in. Host a pyjama and pamper party or have a board game marathon. Donate all the money you would have saved from going out to Marie Curie.

Heads or tails

Raise more money at a ball or dinner party by asking guests for a £5 donation to play heads or tails. Everyone stands up and, for each flip of the coin, puts their hands on their heads or bottoms (for tails). Those who guess wrong sit down and the game continues until there is a winner, who gets a prize.

Quiz night

Hold a quiz night and get everyone working their brains.

Matched Giving

Matched Giving is when an employer offers to donate an amount of money towards your fundraising. Some companies might agree to match your fundraising £ for £ or agree a fixed amount to donate up front. It is a great way to increase your fundraising for Marie Curie and to help you reach your target.