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Marie Curie school assemblies

Teaching pupils about healthy living

Marie Curie School Assemblies.Teach key stage 1 and 2 pupils the importance of living a healthy lifestyle with Marie Curie school assemblies.

Researched and developed with the help of doctors, children and young person’s counsellors, advisors and fellow teachers, the school assemblies highlight healthy living and sun safety as well as introducing children to charitable giving.

A lesson plan on bereavement is also available.

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Why use Marie Curie school assemblies in the classroom?

Teacher friendly

Marie Curie school assemblies and lesson plan offer a helpful resource to introduce pupils to the subject of cancer, bereavement and charitable giving.

They can be incorporated into the classroom at any time and tailored to the school’s needs.

Supporting the National Curriculum

Designed to support the National Curriculum, the assemblies and lesson plan have a strong educational element and link to Personal and Social and Health Education (PSHE).

The information and issues raised can be discussed and extended to your PSHE lessons, which saves time on researching materials.

Introducing charitable giving

The assemblies also explain what charity is and the importance of charitable giving within society.

You may wish to follow up the assembly or lesson plan with a Marie Curie fundraising activity for schools and young persons or organise your own.

Assemblies and lesson plans available

Register for Marie Curie assemblies.Register to take part in Marie Curie school assemblies and download the following assemblies or lesson plan today:


  • Healthy living
  • Sun safety
  • About Marie Curie Cancer Care

Lesson plan

  • Bereavement