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Film guides for carers

Practical tips

Guides for patients and carers

Marie Curie Cancer Care has produced a series of films to help you care for someone who is getting weaker as their illness progresses. The films focus mainly on helping a person with their personal care, helping them to move, and supporting them with everyday living.

If you have problems downloading the films you can view a short description of what they contain instead.

Taking medication

Helping a person to take medication

Guidance and advice on helping someone to take their medication.
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Helping to relax

Helping a person to relax

Helping someone to relax can sometimes relieve pain and sleeplessness.
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Helping a person walk

Helping a person to stand and walk

Mobility is important for people who have a life-limiting illness. It can help keep up morale and aid physical comfort.
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Syringe driver

Using a syringe driver

A syringe driver is a small battery-powered pump that delivers medication from a syringe through a soft plastic tube placed just under the skin.
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Helping a person eat

Food and Drink

It is important to maintain a healthy diet, but also to understand how a person’s tastes and preferences may change.
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Helping a person to wash

Washing is important for the comfort, morale and dignity of the person you are caring for.
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Making a person comfortable in bed

There are a number of things you can do to help someone feel comfortable in bed and more at ease with their surroundings.
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roll a person in bed

Rolling a person in bed

You may need to help the person you are caring for change position in bed. It is important to know how to do this safely for you and them.
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Support for you

Emotional support and practical help for patients.

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Planning ahead

Key issues to consider if you have a life-limiting illness.

Things to consider
People who can help

A guide to the people involved in the care of your loved one.

The key people