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End of life film guides

Help at the end of life

Marie Curie Cancer Care has produced films which aim to support you to care for someone who is coming to the end of their life and expected to die within a few days. The focus of care at this time is about making the person comfortable and doing only as much as they want to do, or are capable of.

If you have problems downloading the films you can read a short description of what they contain instead.


How breathing patterns change towards the end of a person’s life

Towards the end of life, changes can occur in a person’s breathing. On occasions, these changes can be upsetting for carers but do not appear to cause distress to the person.
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How to help with mouthcare

Seriously ill people often have problems with their mouth such as dryness, ulcers, infection, bleeding gums, too much saliva and altered taste. Maintaining good oral care can help reduce the risk of mouth problems.
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Patient with nurse

Guidance on the things which happen when a person dies.

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Children and teenagers

Resources and advice for young people who have been bereaved.

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