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Marie Curie Cancer Care in Wales

Our services in Wales


Marie Curie Cancer Care is a leading provider of end of life care in Wales

In 2012-13, 177 Marie Curie Nurses worked in communities across the country, along with our hospice in Penarth, near Cardiff.

Between 2012-13, Marie Curie Nurses, doctors and other healthcare professionals will cared for just under 2,000 people with a terminal illness as well as provide support for their families.

The care we provide is free of charge and available to anyone with any terminal illness. In particular, we believe that everyone should have the choice to die at home.

As a world leader in researching better ways to care for patients at the end of life, we also campaign for better end of life care in Wales.

We provide funding to support the Marie Curie Palliative Care Research Centre, Cardiff.

As well as developing its own research portfolio, the centre aims to support and advise researchers from around Wales and the rest of the UK in study development.

Particular areas of interest are palliative rehabilitation, patient experience, end of life research methodology and the impact of thrombosis in palliative settings..

We need to raise more than £4 million per year to fund its hospice and nursing care in Wales, which is also supported by local health boards.

Marie Curie Cancer Care is governed by a UK Board of Trustees and has a Welsh Advisory Board chaired by Gareth Williams.

Our Welsh Language Policy

Marie Curie Cancer Care is dedicated to the care of people affected by terminal illnesses across Wales.

Our patients, their families and carers and our valuable supporters should have their preferences for communicating in Welsh respected, and met where possible and practicable.

For further information, please download our Welsh Language Policy below.


To find out more about Marie Curie in Wales, contact us online below or call  01495 740 818.

You can also write to:
Andrew Wilson
Marie Curie Cancer Care
Mamhilad House
Mamhilad Park Estate

Welsh Language Policy (opens in a new window)

Read Marie Curie Cancer Care's Welsh Language Policy.
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Welsh Language Policy (opens in a new window)
Welsh Language Policy (opens in a new window)
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