A blooming great success

What a totally wonderful day last Thursday was! I hosted my Blooming Great Tea Party at home and 40 friends and family came, ate, donated and had fun.

My Tea Party began at 10am, and at 9.30am my mum and sister arrived to help set up. Their job for the morning was selling raffle tickets, for which I had an amazing 15 prizes, all donated by local businesses.

My son had his eye on a children's balloon arrangement and I was under strict instructions that should I win, that is what I should choose! As a little game, I had filled a glass jar with chocolate beans and for 20p you could guess how many were in the jar, with the winner winning the jar. I was the only person who knew how many beans there actually were (168) so had to keep a poker face whenever anyone made a guess. My Bake With Suzy kits and clothes were available to buy, plus spray tans too.



From 10am people started to arrive, including the six very talented local ladies who I had asked to bake for me. I had baked my Marie Curie Lemon Custard Cream Cake, my ITV1 Lorraine Show Chocolate and Banana winning cake (in cupcake form), Brown Sugar Shortbread, Rocky Road and Orange & Ginger Cookies. They had baked Chocolate Biscuit Cake, Red Velvet Cake, Vanilla Cupcakes (decorated in blue and yellow), Chocolate Orange Cake,Streusel Kuchen and Brownies....we had a lot of cake! Guests had been asked to donate £5 upon arrival and then they could eat and drink to their hearts' content.

I had also decided to use my husband's grandma's tea sets for the occasion and there was something really special about drinking tea out of bone china. As it was a beautiful day, I opened the patio doors and guests milled about outside eating, drinking and chatting. My very good friend Natasha donated a cheque that had been given to her in memory of her Dad, who was looked after by Marie Curie Nurses.


At about 11.30am, I called everyone in to announce the raffle. We all took it in turns to draw out tickets, and when it was my turn I drew my own ticket (I promise you this was no fix!) The children's balloon arrangement was still available and so I now have the happiest children in the land. After the raffle and the announcement of the chocolate bean jar winner, I invited everyone to take sandwich bags and fill them with as much cake as they wanted to take home. All I asked for was a small donation for their 'takeaway'. Once everyone had left, with the help of my mum and mother-in-law, I tidied up and counted the money. I am delighted to reveal that I raised just over £500 for Marie Curie!

I am completely overwhelmed by the generosity and kindness of everyone and I highly recommend hosting a Blooming Great Tea Party - you feel Blooming Great afterwards. I should just mention that with the help of the fundraising pack   that Marie Curie sent me, I had homemade bunting, balloons, stickers, a donation box and information flyers to decorate my Tea Party with. Honestly, signing up to hold a Tea Party is so rewarding and I will definitely be hosting one next year! Register to host a tea party   Bake your own Marie Curie Lemon Custard Cream Cake using my exclusive recipe  .