Annual User Survey – tell us what you think

by Malvina Rossi User Survey Project Manager

Marie Curie is committed to continuously improving the quality of our services for patients and families.  We gather feedback to help us define what those services should be so that we can make positive changes.
We feel so strongly about this that it is reflected in the charity’s strategic plan 2011-2014.  The strategy clearly states: “Patients and families will help us to define quality and develop new and improved services.  We will gather their views in greater numbers; implement changes based on their feedback; and demonstrate that their ‘voice’ makes a difference to others.” Every year the charity carries out a User Survey across all our services.  Carried out within a specific period of time each year, we ask patients, a member of their family or friend to tell us about their experiences, good or bad. This year we will be doing the survey in the last two weeks of June.  We are fortunate to have support from a corporate sponsor, Zurich Community Trust, who provide volunteers to do telephone interviews.  They will be contacting a random selection of people and will go through a series of pre-set questions.  Volunteers within hospices will carry out interviews with in-patients so that we don’t miss anyone out. Last year the feedback was very positive and the majority of respondents rated their experience of the Marie Curie service as excellent or good.  This included 98% of the Nursing Services responses, 100% of the hospice community respondents, 99% of the day therapy and 98% of the in-patients. One patient said about the nursing service: “They already make my life easier.  They make me feel safe and cared for.  I am frightened at night but when they are here I feel safe.” Another carer commented on her experience of a Marie Curie Hospice: “It would be impossible to improve on the care and support both my husband and I have received while my husband has been in the hospice.” If you are contacted by one of our volunteers to take part in this survey, please do take some time to answer the questions.  We really do need your help. If you would prefer to give your views online, please complete the online survey.