Celebrating Nursing: An international flavour

by Dee Sissons
Director of Nursing

A group shot of Marie Curie Nurses and some visitors from Iceland
Our visitors from Iceland

What a week of fabulous celebrations it has been, with nurses from across the world standing up with pride to celebrate their profession.

Over 2,000 nurses attended the annual Florence Nightingale Commemoration Service at Westminster Abbey. As well as honouring the work of Florence Nightingale and other pioneering nurses such as Edith Cavell, we remembered all those nurses who have lost their lives during times of conflict. Our thoughts are with those nurses supporting our troops in Afghanistan. Come home safely soon.

Last week 35 senior nurses from Iceland came to visit us at Marie Curie. They were amazed by the wide range of services that Marie Curie offers, enthralled by our daffodil (that's me in bright yellow!) and curious about volunteers – volunteering is part of community service in Iceland.

We also built bigger bridges and partnerships with our colleagues at the Victoria Order of Nursing in Canada. They cover nine regions and six time zones! No mean feat. We will partner with them on research into models of day care and patient safety in the community at the end of life, and some of our nurses will have an opportunity to visit Canada. Watch this space!

What I found during all these discussion was that the challenges being faced were the same whichever the country or continent. So what did all these nurses have in common?  Easy. A passion for caring, a thirst for knowledge, curiosity and – just like Florence – a commitment to nurture the next generation of nurses. Stay proud.

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