Five reasons to collect for the Great Daffodil Appeal

A Marie Curie volunteer smiles as she holds up her bucket in a shopping centre

1. Collecting can help build confidence

Whether you’re naturally outgoing, or a little shy, collecting can help build your skills and make you feel good about yourself, as Kenny from London discovered. “It has helped me face up to those personal battles about self-esteem, about confidence, about talking to people,” he says. “They’re things I found incredibly difficult, so collecting has helped me on a personal level.”

2. You’ll meet lots of different people

When you’re out collecting, you’ll bump into familiar faces and meet lots of new ones. Jackie from Ammanford, south Wales, says:  “I love meeting people and talking to them. I would stand and talk to them all day if I could.” Mary from Stockport adds: “They’ll come and tell you their stories – it’s a nice way to speak to people you wouldn’t normally talk to.”

3. It’s an opportunity to make new friends

When you get together with like-minded people to collect, you’re bound to make some new mates. “I’ve met some really lovely people who collect with me,” says Zoe from Burnham on Sea.

A group of smiling Marie Curie collectors in the street

4. You’ll feel closer to your community

Volunteering to collect can strengthen your links to the place where you live. Kenny says that collecting “brings Marie Curie closer to my community and my community closer to Marie Curie.”

5. The sense of satisfaction

When you collect for Marie Curie, you’re making a real difference – every £20 raised pays for an hour of Marie Curie nursing care. Mary from Stockport says: “Every time money goes in the tin or bucket, you feel like you’re doing some good.”

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Every daffodil counts

Join thousands of volunteers for the Great Daffodil Appeal this year and help us call on the UK to donate and wear a daffodil. 

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