Delivering inclusive end of life care services

by Dr Ian Gittens Senior Project Manager (Diversity) Dr Ian Gittens

One of the key challenges that face policy makers, service planners, commissioners and providers of end-of-life care services is the requirement for equitable and accessible care for Black, Asian and other Minority Ethnic (BAME) backgrounds communities in the UK.
On Wednesday 10 April, Marie Curie and the National End of Life Care Intelligence Network will host a free national workshop to present the results of a major intelligence gathering project on how to better meet the needs of the BAME population. The workshop will provide the opportunity to discuss the implications of the research for policy, commissioning, practice and future research.

What the research is about

Led by a project group of end of life, social care and community organisations, the research aims to inform the delivery of inclusive palliative and end of life services by:

  • improving understanding of the patterns of need in relation to key dimensions of equity and changing population profiles

  • reporting on the current position regarding from Black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds in accessing end of life service provision

  • raising awareness by promoting the findings and engaging a diverse audience in discussions on improving access and delivering effective services

  • identifying key enablers for planning and delivering end of life care services in diverse communities

  • presenting the main findings, implications for the future and recommendations for delivering an inclusive end of life service

  • informing policy and influencing sustainable change

We hope the research will kick start a process of intelligence gathering and influencing stakeholder policy to inform the delivery of inclusive end-of-life care services to meet the needs of diverse communities.

How to register

For more information or to register for the workshop please email