Five top tips for your Great Daffodil Appeal collection

Great Daffodil Appeal collectorsHave you signed up to collect for us during the Great Daffodil Appeal? Believe it or not, there is an art to collecting which can help you make the most of your shifts. Read our tips and watch our films for tips from our collectors for attracting attention and donations. If you haven’t signed up to help yet, there’s still time to register. Just a couple of hours of your time will help Marie Curie Nurses care for someone living with a terminal illness, so they can spend more time with the people they love.

1. Collect together

Collecting with someone you know can be double the fun and raise more money. Why not ask your family and friends to join you?

2. Pick the perfect position

It’s well worth taking a few minutes to find a busy spot where people will have cash to hand, such as near a shop which has cash transactions. Make yourself visible without getting in people’s way.

3. Get noticed

Wearing your bright yellow tabard and hat – or even fancy dress – will help you stand out and attract attention.

4. Be easy to approach

Our collectors are respectful of passers-by, but also know how to draw them in. Make eye contact and smile – and people will come to you.

5. Remember why you’re collecting!

Every £20 you collect pays for a Marie Curie Nurse to look after someone living with a terminal illness in their own home for an hour. Good luck! Do you have any collecting tips? If so, please share them with us on Facebook and Twitter (#daffodilcollecting).