Six super reasons to give your time

It’s Volunteers’ Week, and we want to say a massive thank you to all our amazing volunteers. Ever considered giving your time for a great cause? Here’s why our volunteers think you should!   

1. To keep doing what you love

Jane (left) with fellow shop volunteer Pat
“My job for 39 years was in sales so I love it. I love the atmosphere and the support from staff and fellow volunteers. And I love speaking to the customers about what has come in that’s new.”
Jane, who volunteers at the Marie Curie Shop in Penarth

3. To be there for someone who needs you

Emily (left) and Kathryn out having fun
“I help with the practical things. Kathryn can’t walk long distances, so we go shopping together and browse as many shops as we can. Otherwise, I’ll pop around and we’ll have a chat. We also like to watch DIY SOS together. It’s so worthwhile, even if you’re just making someone a cup of tea.”
Emily, Marie Curie Helper volunteer who visits Kathryn, who's living with terminal bowel cancer, every week

3. To help a cause that matters 

Sarena at the Marie Curie Hospice, Hampstead
“After I retired I really wanted to put something back. What I do helps to free up funds so the money can go to where it’s needed. I really feel like I’m helping a cause and an organisation that makes a big difference to people. It’s great to know that whatever small difference I’m making, it’s helping.”
Sarena, Marie Curie Hospice volunteer

4. To give something back

Ian with members of the Marston Green fundraising group
“I was so impressed with the compassion shown to my wife by Marie Curie. I love getting the community involved – you make lots of new friends. You’ve got to lead by example. For me, it’s all about giving back to Marie Curie for the support they provided to my family, and continue to provide for so many others.”
Ian, fundraising group leader

5. To gain new skills

Ryan volunteered before starting university
“It’s great experience before I go to uni to study film to work in a similar department. It’s also great for my people skills. I have a lovely team that I get to work with. They’re very kind and understanding and they walk through everything with me.”
Ryan, office volunteer

6. To pave the way for new opportunities

Charlotte helping to man the gym
“I’m going back to university in September to study physiotherapy. Volunteering 100% helped me get on the course. I applied last year and didn’t get on so I thought: ‘OK, let’s broaden my experience.’ I’ve learnt a lot already and it’s just a really friendly place to be.”
Charlotte, volunteer gym assistant at the Marie Curie Hospice, Hampstead

Interested in volunteering for Marie Curie? We’d love to have you on the team! Find out more about the exciting volunteer roles we offer.