Great Daffodil Appeal: Collectors’ crazy costumes

Kerry Pearson
Kerry getting ready to do her Great Daffodil Appeal collection

Great Daffodil Appeal volunteers are anything but wallflowers. If you’re out and about this month, you’ll see our supporters sporting the loudest, wackiest costumes they can find in order to raise a smile and attract as much attention as possible. Still haven't signed up to collect? There's still time. Kerry Pearson, one of our exuberant collectors, donned a red wig and groovy glasses for her collecting shift. Kerry said: “Marie Curie is a charity that holds a special place in my heart after losing both my parents to cancer. I also have family members fighting it. “The red hair was a last minute decision. A colleague at work bought it on Friday for a different charity day so I pinched it off her. Cheeky I know, but I thought it would help with donations.  The glasses were a very last minute thing. They were in the backroom of the Marie Curie shop in Wallington and they let me borrow them. I really think that dressing up helped people to notice me and made them keen to donate.” For photos of our collectors see the gallery below.

Great Daffodil Appeal collector outfits