Great Daffodil Appeal collectors share their successes

Our fantastic Great Daffodil Appeal collectors are out and about across the UK. They’ve donated their time to Marie Curie for free, so when you see them, do stop and say hello. Even better, donate and wear a daffodil. We caught up three of our collectors about their experiences this year.

Collector: Sara Whichelow
Collection location: Dunstable, Bedfordshire

Great Daffodil Appeal collector Sara Whichelow“I started collecting at 11am and did about an hour and a half. There was no one else collecting, it was just me!

“It was a sunny day, so people were out, and everyone was really friendly. Most people see the yellow and know instantly what it means, so they’d get their purses out before they reached me.

“A lot of people were wearing daffodils already so I gave them a smile to acknowledge them as they walked past. Other people told me about things that had happened to them. I think they related to me because of Marie Curie’s work.

“Collecting this year was a really positive experience.”

Sarah raised more than £50 from her collection. Great job, Sarah!

Collector: Lisa Smitheram
Collection location: Truro, Cornwall

Great Daffodil Appeal collector Lisa Smitheram wearing a daffodil-covered coat and hat“I collected on Lemon Quay, a busy shopping area in Truro, on a Saturday morning. The local farmers’ market was there at the same time.

“The weather was amazing, maybe the first proper day of spring. Because of what I was wearing several people thanked me for bringing the sun out! Loads of people came and spoke to me, indeed five people or couples asking to have their photo taken with me. Teenagers were also complimenting me on my outfit. I was absolutely buzzing for the whole two hours and then for the rest of the day.

“I hope I collected lots of money for Marie Curie – I did collect some notes, so fingers crossed.

“I think everyone should give a couple of hours to collect for this brilliant charity and if you like people watching and having chats with interesting people, go for it!

Collector: Peter Buckle
Location: Sainsbury’s stores at Warwick and Kenilworth, Warwickshire

Great Daffodil Appeal collector Peter Buckle wearing a yellow hat“Our first collection was at Warwick Sainsbury’s. In wonderful sunny but cold weather, and helped by the Pyrenean mountain dog of one of our collectors, we achieved an amazing £900.

“The following weekend was Kenilworth Sainsbury's. Surely we could not beat £900, we thought, but we did. With the help of local Rotarians, we collected £1,075.

“Alongside store and street collections we also have the unmanned boxes in pubs, shops and GP surgeries. I placed 73 boxes, many in parts of Warwick and Kenilworth that I had not known existed, despite living in the area for over 20 years. So many hosts gave me a warm welcome, often relating their own stories of loved ones who had died from cancer. I will collect them all in early April.”

If you haven’t seen any collectors in your local area then don’t worry – there are lots more ways you can support The Great Daffodil Appeal!