Couple tie the knot at Marie Curie hospice – after 36 years

A couple have tied the knot at the Marie Curie Hospice, Cardiff and the Vale – after 36 years together.

Glyn and Maureen became husband and wife in the hospice’s recently refurbished day therapy unit, which looks out onto the coast.

Glyn, 72, had been staying at the hospice to receive symptom control for his prostate cancer, which he has been living with since 2012.

Wedding plans

“We were planning to get married anyway, for different reasons, for pension and stuff like that, so that Mo would not have to go searching around for money,” said Glyn.

Maureen added: “He’s wanted to get married before, but I wasn’t ready having gone through a divorce. 

“He’s marvellous. He’s the most trustworthy and honest man you could ever meet.”

Cancer diagnosis

Speaking of when he was diagnosed, Glyn said:  “I’d had a niggling pain in the bottom of my back.  I thought I’d go down the doctors and get it checked over.

“She said it could be cancer and sent me for a test, and it came back that it was.

“I’ve been on chemotherapy and radiotherapy. I’ve been on various tablets, different tablets, which I’m still taking about 10 now, including steroids, which has got loads of side effects, and others.

“The progression has been quite slow.  It’s taken four years to go from a slight niggly ache to anything worse, so that’s okay, I can’t expect any more than that. The back’s got worse, it’s more difficult to move about as it’s more advanced.”

Hospice care

Glyn said that he’d never wanted to have to use the services at the Marie Curie hospice  but that since being an in-patient, he’s been pleasantly surprised at the upbeat atmosphere.

“It’s absolutely brilliant, I can’t fault it,” he said. “I’ve always found the care in most places very good, but here it’s exceptional.

“I was quite surprised with the meals, all the staff are brilliant, the atmosphere is good, it’s excellent.”

Maureen said: “To me, they have been so supportive, they’ve been great, giving me cups of tea and plenty of support.  We’re both happy with the care and how they look after him, nothing is too much for them or any of the staff.”

Following the marriage, the couple cut one of two cakes they had – one made by hospice staff – and enjoyed a buffet with their guests.