How Marie Curie Nurses help families be together at Christmas

A Marie Curie Nurse decorates a Christmas tree

Many nurses and healthcare professionals will be working over the Christmas holidays and Marie Curie Nurses are no different. Our nurses Lorna Clarkson and Tracy Wylie explain how they make a difference to people with terminal illnesses and their families over the Christmas period.

“I love working over Christmas”

Tracy says: “I love what I do. Being a Marie Curie Nurse is a real privilege. It means I have time to sit down and really listen to people (something you don’t necessarily have in a hospital setting). That’s when you have time to get to know the patient.

“I particularly love working over the Christmas period. I know that it is often difficult for patients and families to access the support they need at this time of year, which is why having a Marie Curie Nurse on hand can make such a difference.

“At this time of year, we could be providing respite care for a patient so the family can go Christmas shopping, take the children out to see Santa, or go and see their child in a nativity play, or simply so they can get a night’s sleep.”

“It meant the children could have cuddles with their mummy on Christmas morning”

Lorna says: “Some Christmases ago I cared for a young mum with two little children. Being with her all night meant I was able to assess her symptoms and work with the district nurse and doctor to improve her nausea and pain. This not only improved her quality of life but meant the children could have cuddles with their mummy on Christmas morning when they woke up.

“I worked Christmas Eve and Christmas night with the family, allowing them to sleep and recharge their batteries. My patient was carried down the stairs on Christmas Day and was able to take part in sharing the gifts and special meal that she had planned so meticulously for weeks. Those memories stay with you your whole career.”

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