“I’ll be a bright spark, when it comes to my last goodbye”

Linda Ashcroft’s final wish, after being diagnosed with a terminal illness, was for her ashes to be launched into the sky on a rocket firework from her favourite beach.

Linda wrote Rocket Girl after being diagnosed with terminal ovarian cancer.

Linda was a Marie Curie Nurse, devoted mum and grandmother. In her spare time she wrote poems. She lived with terminal ovarian cancer for just eight weeks after her diagnosis. Rocket Girl is the poem she wrote about her wish to say a special goodbye to her loved ones.

Rocket Girl

I want to go up in a rocket,
I want to soar high in the sky
So high in the dark
I’ll be a bright spark
When it comes to my last goodbye.

I want to go up in a rocket,
I want you to watch as I go.
I don’t mind how fast I get there
So long as it isn’t slow.

I want to go up in a rocket,
And fly for quite a few miles.
I hope it will stop the tears that flow
And turn those tears into smiles.

I want to go up in a rocket,
To fly as fast as I can.
As my touch papers lit,
You can all do a flit
As it bursts and I shower the sky.

I want to go up in a rocket
So I can look down from above.
And see all the people who’ve loved me
And say goodbye to all those I’ve loved.