Marie Curie patients benefit from a love of gardens and gardening

Marie-Curie-Nurse-and-Garden-Centre-staffMany of our patients, and their families and carers, tell us how much they love their gardens, and being cared for at home means they can continue to enjoy them. Marie Curie Nurse Olive Hoare remembers visiting a patient who took great joy from being in her garden. “I took a patient out into her garden to look around and soak up the sights, sounds and smells,” she said. “We talked about the plants and her happy memories of time spent there as a family. I think that because gardens are so full of life and hold such sentimental value it is only natural that our patients get great joy from them in their last days of their life at home.” Another Marie Curie Nurse, Lorna Clarkson, recollects a moving experience she had when caring for a young mum. Hear Lorna tell the story

Hospice gardens

Our hospice gardens also provide a relaxing environment where patients can feel like themselves and spend time together. Robena Shiekh, whose husband Zahir was cared for at the Marie Curie Hospice, Bradford took great comfort from the hospice garden. “We all enjoyed the garden: myself, my husband, Zahir, and my two children,” she said. “There is a running stream with fish which is just so calming. There is something about seeing the flowers in bloom and all the life in the garden that reminds me of hope. “I think a garden is a very important part of a hospice – a peaceful place of solace. I would often go into the hospice garden to enjoy time on my own during a very difficult time for my family with my husband very ill. I know my husband really enjoyed going into the garden to sit in the sun. Since he died I have gone back with my children to sit in the garden and remember my husband because I feel so connected to that special place.” Watch Robena talk about her experience

Gardens for good

Marie Curie is going to benefit even more from people’s love of gardens and gardening.

The Garden Centre Group

We’re delighted to have been chosen by The Garden Centre Group   as their first national charity partner. The ‘Gardens for Good’ partnership will run for two years, over which time we’re aiming to raise over £500,000 through gardening-inspired fundraising, volunteering initiatives and commercial activity. To find your nearest garden centre visit

National Garden Scheme

For the past 16 years the National Garden Scheme (NGS) has opened the gates of gardens across the UK to raise money for charities. To date, they have raised more than £6.5 million for us. To find a garden open near you, visit or use the free NGS iOS app for iPhone and iPad. All money raised for Marie Curie, from both partnerships, will help provide care to people with terminal illnesses in their own homes and in our nine hospices.