Mother and son nursing team deliver care at Christmas

Caring is a way of life for our Marie Curie Nurses, and sometimes it even runs in the family. Susan Taylor was a Marie Curie Nurse for nine years, and her son Phillip works for Marie Curie as a Healthcare Assistant. The two of them remember some of the people they cared for, and one person in particular whom they both supported over Christmas.

“A Christmas tree was standing at the window,” says Susan. “Fairy lights twinkled and colourful baubles adorned the tree. Silent Night was playing on the car radio as I pulled up. A family sat awaiting our arrival, but it wasn’t my home. I had left my home to care for this gentleman, and to support his family as he faced his last Christmas Eve with the people he loved.

At home over Christmas

“My son Phillip had been visiting this gentleman for a month and had really gotten to know him and his family. Phillip and I knew that he had wanted to be discharged from hospital so he could spend the time he had left at home, where his children and grandchildren could pop in and he could sit in his favourite chair. That was his Christmas wish, and as his nurses we would support that wish.

“I will always remember sitting with the gentleman and his wife, sharing a mince pie and cup of tea. I stayed with them through the night and when I arrived home on Christmas Day, Phillip headed out to spend the afternoon with them. We’ll always remember these special memories of our time with Marie Curie.”

Nursing through the night

Susan has since retired, but Phillip is already preparing to work over Christmas as a Marie Curie Healthcare Assistant: “I’m looking forward to it. This year I’m working on Christmas Eve, and in the morning on Christmas Day. I love it. Even driving around and seeing everyone in the festive spirit is a lot of fun. You’re meeting different people as you visit each home, learning about how they’re spending their Christmas and reminiscing about Christmases gone by. It’s very heart-warming.”

Without your support this Christmas, dedicated Marie Curie Nurses and Healthcare Assistants like Susan and Phillip wouldn’t be able to offer this invaluable care and support to people living with a terminal illness. Help continue their work by funding an hour of nursing care this Christmas.