My 10 top tips for your tea party

by Suzy Pelta Tea Party Queen

Suzy Pelta, tea party queen
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  1. Register today: It's so easy to register to host your tea party – just visit the Marie Curie website and follow the instructions.

  2. Pick a date and time that works for your guests: For me, most of my friends have children at school, so a morning tea party works best. Perhaps a more traditional afternoon tea time works for you and your friends? There's also nothing to stop you having an evening tea party too... just make sure that whichever time you choose works for you and whoever you are inviting.

  3. Invite your guests: I use Facebook events to invite my guests, but you could use e-invitations or text or email to invite them. I like using Facebook events because it's easy to keep track of who has and hasn't replied, and you can also instantly update everyone with news or information about the party.

  4. Pick a theme: Themes are fun and help you organise your tea party. Last year I took part in a Mad Hatter's Blooming Great Tea Party which was brilliant! Your theme can be as wacky or as not so wacky as you like! Maybe you want to hold a vintage tea party? You could use vintage china and even get all of your guests to dress up in retro clothing? Perhaps just get all guests to wear a funny hat to your Blooming Great Tea Party? Themes can even revolve around a colour – maybe yellow for Marie Curie? And don't forget that your tea party pack will include bunting and balloons to decorate your venue.

  5. Delegate responsibilities: Ask your friends to help you. Maybe a couple could bake something for you and on the actual day of the tea party make sure you get a few friends to help you set up, hand out teas and then clear up at the end too! At the end of the day, that's what friends are for, eh?

  6. Look for recipes you like: For me, baking is the best part of my tea party preparation! I have shared lots of recipes on my page so there are plenty of great baking ideas for you. And I promise that all of my recipes are nice and easy!

  7. Ask for help: I always get my local businesses involved in my tea party! Local cake makers donate cakes and many of my local shops and restaurants donate prizes for my raffle. There's nothing wrong with asking for support and what is the worst they can say?

  8. Get involved on social media: Use the hashtag #bloominggreat on Twitter and Facebook to share your recipes and tea party ideas with me, Marie Curie and other tea party hosts.

  9. Have fun and raise lots of money! Enjoy your tea party, eat lots of cake and make sure everyone donates to this incredible charity. Add price labels to the cakes and put the donation box in a prominent place. You can also run a sweepstake… and all of these are included in your pack!

  10. Bank your money: Once all the tea's been drunk and the crumbs swept away, it's time to send the money you raised to Marie Curie. You can do this by phone, mail or online via JustGiving. Get more info on banking your money

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