New series explores what it is like to live with terminal illness

my-last-summerA new Channel 4 series, called My Last Summer, is examining how people live with terminal illness. The series, which begins tonight (Wednesday 4 June), brings together five people aged between 38 and 58, all of whom have been given a terminal diagnosis. The group meet for regular weekends at a manor house in the Cotswolds to talk, laugh and cry about their experiences. Although they all have different perspectives and ways of coping, they are united by a shared sense of empathy with each other’s situations. The series also brings in perspectives from loved ones and families and looks at how they have been affected. By talking honestly and opening about their experiences, the five participants provide an insight into issues Marie Curie deals with every day, as it cares for terminally ill people and their families. The series highlights the need for terminally ill people to be treated as individuals and explores topics such as whether it is possible to have a ‘good death’ and explaining terminal illness to children. Find out more about My Last Summer Find out more about Marie Curie services for patients, carers and families