Why nurses like me will be working this Easter

This Easter weekend many of our 2,100 nurses across the UK will be working to care for our patients and their families, as we do every day. And we wouldn't have it any other way.

Marie Curie Nurses like me will be hard at work making sure the people we care for are properly supported; both our patients themselves and their families.

While it would be great to spend the holidays with our own loved ones, the people we care for come first. We know just how important the time you have with your loved ones is; it’s so precious and something you can never get back. That’s why the work Marie Curie does is so important.

Saying those final words

So much of what we do is making sure that families have that time together, no matter what the circumstances. I’m an in-patient nurse at the Marie Curie Hospice, Cardiff and the Vale. I remember when someone being cared for at the hospice was very close to the end, and although their family was rushing to get there, we knew they wouldn’t arrive in time. We set up a last minute phone call and the family pulled into a service station, and they were able to say those final words to each other that are so important.

One of the most important things we do is to treat every person we care for as an individual. I’ve been a Marie Curie Nurse for almost 14 years, and I’ve learned that getting to know a patient and their family can make all the difference. 

What inspires me as a nurse

We’re there for people from the moment they step in the hospice, and the support we provide relies on finding out who our patients are as individuals. It’s often a case of peeling away the layers and sometimes just listening – most people we care for have a story to tell, and by getting to know our patients we can properly understand and respond to their needs.

The care that Marie Curie Nurses provide for people can be unforgettable; it’s what inspired me to become a Marie Curie Nurse to begin with. My Mum was cared for in the hospice at the end of her life. Her care was gold standard; all of her needs were addressed, along with the needs of my family and me. It allowed me to be with my mum in the hospice as her daughter instead of as a nurse or carer.

The dedicated care that Marie Curie Nurses provide people living with a terminal illness can make all the difference to families when they need it most. This Easter weekend, please help support nurses like Jan by donating to Marie Curie.