The inspiration for my Dinner Down Memory Lane

Meradith's retro dinner inspiration
It meant so much that my grandmother was able to be there on my wedding day

I like nothing more than an evening of good food and company, so it didn’t take much to convince me to host a Dinner Down Memory Lane. However, when I sat down to plan my retro-themed dinner party, I realised that the main reason I wanted to do this was to honour my two amazing grandmothers.

Between them, my grandmothers raised seven children under circumstances that weren’t always easy, and they always managed to keep their homes warm and welcoming. They were both gracious hostesses, each with her own distinctive style, and they both lived very full lives.

When it came to the end of their lives, they both received excellent care which meant they were able to die peacefully in comfortable surroundings. The relief that this provided our family is indescribable.

But their carers didn’t just look after their health; they also became part of our family. I will be forever grateful to my grandmother Jane’s carer, who enabled my grandmother, despite her failing health, to be present for my wedding. 

This is the kind of personal touch that Marie Curie Nurses provide every evening in hundreds of homes throughout the country. And it is one of the many reasons I am so proud to work for Marie Curie. It means a lot to me that what we do helps other patients and their families enjoy the invaluable care and support that our family did. 

In the end my Dinner Down Memory Lane was a big success (I was really pleased with the amount I raised) and I had such a great time planning it all and on the night. Both my grandmothers were from the American South so I decided to take culinary inspiration from them too. So the menu I chose contained a few Southern flourishes, including Southwestern spiced candied pecans and the classic icebox cake, in honour of two formidable women who influence me to this day. 

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