Bring your colleagues together with cake – and raise money for a great cause!

Sarah held a Blooming Great Tea Party at work to raise money for Marie Curie, and says it was a great opportunity to take some time out and catch up with colleagues.

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Sarah enjoyed catching up with colleagues at her tea party

“There are four of us who looked after organising the Blooming Great Tea Party, and we had about 40 people in total attending each one,” Sarah explains. “We had people from our office, as well as friends who came.

“That sounds like a lot, but really it was people dropping in at different points over the time that we had the tea party.

“Everybody loved the atmosphere, it was really friendly and jolly – a good chance to take a few minutes to yourself in the working day and have a piece of cake, some tea and a chat.”

A local cause

As a small business owner, Sarah felt it was important to support a cause that was local.

“All the charities we support as an organisation are local and Marie Curie is very embedded into our local community. We let people know when it was through social media and newsletters, and the whole thing gained momentum.”

Ways to raise more dough

Sarah held a raffle at her tea party – always a popular idea and easy to organise.

“We had some lovely prizes donated to us – people are very generous, you just have to ask, and if you don’t like asking in person, emailing them or leaving a note can work just as well.

“We sold raffle tickets and raised quite a bit that way.”

All the support you need

If you haven’t held a fundraising event before, don’t worry! Sarah explains how Marie Curie helped her in the run-up to her event.

“The Blooming Great Tea Party pack that Marie Curie provides is great – we really liked the bunting – that makes things quite festive – and we used the balloons to show where the party was. We had a proper Marie Curie collection box that came with the pack, so it was easy for people to donate.

“Our local Marie Curie fundraiser was very supportive – always asking if we needed anything, like any more props or materials. It was really helpful, especially the first time that we hosted a tea party – it’s important to have that feeling of support, especially if you are starting from scratch.”

Bake or buy

When asked her advice for anyone thinking about throwing a tea party, Sarah has three top tips to make it as easy as pie.

 “1. Get some cakes in, they don’t have to be homemade!

  2. Don’t overcomplicate things. The party can be very casual – often people are not expecting something too formal when it comes to tea parties.

  3. Let people support you in the way that they can – for example, some people couldn’t come, so they donated raffle prizes or bought raffle tickets – make it easy for people to contribute and donate.”

Go on, get your bake on!

Every pound you raise means more support for people living with a terminal illness. And you'll get to eat cake.

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