Marie Curie welcomes a new scheme from Help the Hospices that aims to reduce hospital deaths

by Imelda Redmond Director of Policy and Public Affairs Imelda Redmond CBE, Director of Policy and Public Affairs

Making end of life care accessible to people is vitally important.  There are a huge number of people currently dying in hospitals who would like to be discharged, but are unable to access timely support. Today, I’m pleased to see that Help the Hospices has called on the Government to back a new scheme which aims to cut the number of people dying in hospital by 50,000 each year. Marie Curie welcomes this.
Providing more choice in end of life care for terminally ill people, whether it be in a hospital, hospice, or at home will help improve instances of targeted, high-quality care in line with what people truly want. Help the Hospices is asking for funds to pilot six nationally co-ordinated projects, pinpointing the impact of hospice-led interventions in reducing unnecessary deaths in hospital.  There are already a range of small initiatives, but nothing that has been implemented on a wider scale. This new initiative will encourage communication and integration of services between hospices and hospitals, giving people the opportunity to have real choice about where they die and the ability to access the support they need quickly.