Suzy looks at ways to make her Blooming Great Tea Party really special

by Suzy Pelta Official Blooming Great Tea Party blogger Suzy Pelta, official Blooming Great Tea Party blogger


Fresh from my time at Marie Curie Headquarters last week, I am really focused on making my Blooming Great Tea Party great. I have decided to enlist the help of some incredibly talented and generous local bakers and cake decorators, who are all going to help me bake for my tea party - I can't wait to see their creations!

This week I have been thinking about other ways to fundraise and have decided that a raffle would be an easy and fun way to bring in more money. I will offer one of my retro baking kits and a voucher for a singing lesson (I am also a singing teacher). Friends and local businesses have already started to offer services/goods. I am exploring the option of having things to buy and having a few pamper treatments available! I am very fortunate that there are lots of great people around me that are willing to lend a charitable hand. I 've been trying to think of some silly games to play at my tea party and so far I've come up with: 50p to guess the amount of sweeties in a jar, with the closest guesser winning the jar (I love sweets, I want to win!)

Has anyone got any more ideas for games? Tweet me or email me if you do. My Facebook event page is now set up and it is looking like I will have a really nice group of people attending. Everyone has been told to make sure they bring purses full of money and to wear elasticated trousers as I am expecting there to be A LOT of cake! Talking of cake, don't forget to check out the cake I have created for Marie Curie - my Lemon Custard Cream Cake. It will definitely be taking pride of place at my tea party.