Suzy starts preparing in earnest for her Blooming Great Tea Party

by Suzy Pelta Official Blooming Great Tea Party blogger Suzy Pelta, official Blooming Great Tea Party blogger

Clearly I shouldn't have mentioned the sun in my last blog post. Despite basking in beautiful sunshine on Monday and enjoying a delicious barbecue whilst wearing a summer dress, today I have a slow cooked lamb curry bubbling away on the hob and I am back in my winter clothes!


Talking of clothes, I have just spoken to a lovely lady who sells the most beautiful clothes from home, and she is going to bring a collection to my tea party to sell to the guests! She will also be donating a silver friendship bracelet for the raffle. Everyone has been so kind and so generous. I thought it would be a nice idea to make my Blooming Great Tea Party a little bit more special than just an opportunity to eat cake and drink tea (although believe me, I would happily eat cake and drink tea all day long!) So far, I have organised a raffle, some party games, a clothes stall, a stall for my baking kits and I have also arranged for my brilliant Spray Tan lady to do spray tans.

I think it's really important to think of different ways to fundraise that will appeal to your guests. Remember, every penny counts! As it's a party, I will be pinning the balloons that came in the Blooming Great Tea Party Fundraising Pack to my front door (I always do that when there is a birthday in the family....even mine!) I will be making the bunting from the bunting sheet with my kiddies and will be using the stickers on the pots that I use for donations. As the date gets closer I am getting more and more excited! If you haven't registered to host a tea party   yet, don't delay, it is such fun and truly so rewarding.