Getting in the tea party mood with Suzy Pelta

It's almost time for the Blooming Great Tea Party, and there's still plenty of time to sign up to host! Recipes are being chosen, raffle prizes organised, and guests being invited, and our favourite tea party hostess, Suzy Pelta is excited to make this year's party event one to remember.

Enjoying some tasty cakes from Bessie the Caravan.

How is planning going for yours? We’ve got lots of useful resources to help you, including plenty of fantastic recipes for you to bake.

For my tea party this year I’ll be making the official Blooming Great Tea Party bake, White Chocolate and Lemon Drizzle Bundt as well as my current favourite bake, Twix Brownies. A few of my friends are baking too, plus a number of local businesses have been incredibly kind and donated raffle prizes.

A special occasion

To get myself in the tea party spirit I was lucky enough to attend Mel Giedroyc's Blooming Great Tea Party a couple of weeks ago. It was great to be reunited with her and for us to show everyone how easy and how fun hosting a Blooming Great Tea Party is.

We were blessed with glorious sunshine, enjoying live music and admiring the delicious jams and chutneys for sale. Bessie the Caravan was also there serving delicious cakes and Cake Doctor had an incredible selection of vegan cheesecakes. It was a truly special occasion, with the most gorgeous outdoor setting.

Meeting the Marie Curie Nurses

It was whilst at Mel's tea party that I got the opportunity to talk to two Marie Curie Nurses, both called Sally. For people they care for, having these wonderful ladies around you at such a difficult time must be so comforting for the whole family. They spoke with such warmth and affection about what they do and for the people whose lives they are such an important part of.

A friend of mine, whose father was looked after by Marie Curie Nurses, described the nurses as angels and I really have to agree. Talking to both nurses reminded me why I try to raise as much money as possible through the Blooming Great Tea Party.

The service that Marie Curie offers must continue to be made available to as many people and families as possible and if I can raise vital funds by baking cakes and socialising with my friends, then I will happily host a Blooming Great Tea Party every single year! If you haven't signed up to host, it's not too late to sign up for your free fundraising pack and join the par-tea.

Happy Tea Partying and Happy Baking!