Swimathon 2015: Combating those aches and pains

by Ben Wicks Media & PR Manager Ben Wicks, one of Marie Curie’s Media & PR Managers, is taking on the world’s biggest fundraising swim event, Swimathon. In the run up to the challenge Ben will be telling his story, documenting all the aches and pains of training and explaining why he’s raising money for Marie Curie. Ben Wicks, Media and PR Manager

Monday is here once again and I find myself 1) only nine weeks away from the Swimathon challenge and 2) combating lots of aches and pains. They say a lot of exercise is good for you, but too much is bad. I suppose it’s a really fine balance to strike, I know I’m not doing my body any favours and it’s starting to let me know!

One thing I’m guilty of, and I certainly don’t think I’m the only one, is not stretching properly. Every morning when I walk down the stairs my joints all click and my muscles feel tight. It makes me think: is this what old-age has to offer? One thing that I discovered over this weekend is how beneficial a sports massage can be. A friend of mine has been telling me to go get one for weeks and yesterday I bit the bullet. Now, in the past, whenever I’ve had massages they’ve been very relaxing. This one was not so! I was bent into shapes I never thought my body could actually achieve. It was by no means a relaxing experience. But I can honestly say today I feel great.

My legs aren’t as sore and my back feels really loose. This morning I skipped down my stairs! When I first opted to take on both Swimathon and the London Marathon, I don’t think I quite comprehended the amount of training it would entail. They certainly weren’t lying when they say that 5km is the swimming marathon. However, despite all these aches and pains, I’ve really started to see the impact of my intense training schedule. On Saturday I managed to complete 30 lengths which is the equivalent of the 1.5km Swimathon challenge.

Now I have a benchmark that I can really build on. So here starts yet another week of training. And one which will include much more stretching! If you’re enjoying reading my blog, I’d love to hear from you and hear about how your training is going. Also if you’d like to sponsor my effort you can do so by visiting my JustGiving page.