Swimathon 2015: Listen to your body

The countdown is really on until the Swimathon challenge and I’m not lying when I say I’m starting to get really nervous. Last week I reached a real milestone when I completed a 17-mile run and four intense swim sessions. It’s fair to say I was feeling pretty pleased with myself, but things were about to take a turn for the worse…

After the long run on Sunday I went round to my friend’s house and made a rather large Sunday roast. I was feeling pretty exhausted after running 17 miles, but this exhaustion wasn't just brought on by my run, but also by the start of a mammoth cold which has left me unable to train all week.

Time to be sensible

In the past I’ve not been very good at listening to my body. As I continue to push myself in my training, there will be times when my body will start to burn out. I have to accept this and not overstrain myself. In the past I would have pushed on and later suffered the consequences. However, as you know, I am training for two of the biggest sporting challenges of my life and there’s no room for stubborn stupidity – it’s time to listen to my body.

So it’s been a quiet week on the training front. I’ve spent my evenings resting, getting plenty of early nights and cuddling on the sofa with the dog. I’m happy to report that apart from a bit of a cough, I’m well on my way to being fighting fit. I’m hitting the pool tonight and will hopefully get 20 lengths in. It’s time to play catch up! If you’re enjoying reading my blog, I’d love to hear from you and hear about how your training is going. Also if you’d like to sponsor my effort you can do so below.

Ben Wicks, Media and PR Manager

Ben Wicks Media & PR Manager Ben Wicks, one of Marie Curie’s Media & PR Managers, is taking on the world’s biggest fundraising swim event, Swimathon. In the run up to the challenge Ben will be telling his story, documenting all the aches and pains of training and explaining why he’s raising money for Marie Curie.