Swimathon 2015: the final countdown

So this is it, my final blog before the Swimathon weekend and what a rollercoaster it’s been. The main thing I’ll take away from this Swimathon challenge is my new love of swimming. In the past it’d never been my favourite sport, but I’ve really found a new appreciation for it.

A few years ago I joined a swimming club, but after a few months I stopped attending as I really wasn't enjoying it. However, being forced back into the pool after a number of years to train for this event has really changed my perspective. I will certainly carry on swimming after this weekend – and that’s something I didn't think I’d say.

Feeling relaxed

When the blog squad had our swimming lesson with Duncan Goodhew he talked about how arriving at the pool before getting into the water can really give you a sense of Zen. Not to get too deep here (no pun intended), but I now understand what he means. Surrounding yourself in the atmosphere of the pool can help settle those nerves and fear. Pushing off from the wall for that first length also helps to push those fears away. And if, like me, swimming doesn’t come naturally and you have to count your breaths, think about your arms, kicking your legs and other bits of technique, it really does help clear your mind of anything else but swimming.

Another thing I’ve really enjoyed over the past four months is blogging. It’s been very therapeutic to be able to share with you my thoughts, fears, aches and pains. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my blog. I’ve really enjoyed writing it and it’s certainly inspired me to keep going afterwards.

“It’s been a real challenge”

The past few months of training have really been a trial of highs and lows, both emotionally and physically. There were times when I wished I hadn’t signed up and thinking that I wouldn’t be able to do it, but now it’s almost here I’m really glad I did. It’s been a real challenge for me, coupled with my training for the London Marathon; I’ve not had a lot of time to rest over the last few months and my body is certainly feeling it. All I’m thinking about now is my friends cheering me on from the viewing gallery, completing the challenge and getting my medal.

I know it’s not going to be easy, I’m probably not as far on in my training as I’d like to be, but I’m not going to let that phase me. If you’re taking on the challenge this weekend, no matter what distance you’re doing – GOOD LUCK!

Every length you take and every pound you raise will make a huge difference to people living with a terminal illness. If you’d like to sponsor my effort you can do so below.


by Ben Wicks Media & PR Manager Ben Wicks, one of Marie Curie’s Media & PR Managers, is taking on the world’s biggest fundraising swim event, Swimathon. In the run up to the challenge Ben will be telling his story, documenting all the aches and pains of training and explaining why he’s raising money for Marie Curie. 

Ben Wicks, Media and PR Manager