Swimathon: It’s all about the confidence

So another week of my training for Swimathon is done and dusted and another has begun. I have to admit that it’s not been the most successful week for me as I haven’t really achieved anything that I set out in my last blog.

To quote Gok Wan, something I realised last week is it’s “all about the confidence”. And last week that was something I was certainly lacking. Strength, technique and stamina are three things that I really won’t be able to complete this challenge without but without belief in myself, what chance have I got. I suppose I won’t be the only person feeling this way, and I realised afterwards that feeling this way is completely normal. I suppose I’m a little concerned that we’re now into February and I’m not quite as far into my training as I would like to be.

But one thing I’ve found is that I have no idea where to find swimming lessons. I’m going to be swimming at the London Aquatics Centre so I went along to one of their lessons. Unfortunately they’re more aimed at people who want to improve their stroke or learn others, so didn’t really work for what I need. So this week’s mission is to really get that sorted. Then I can start making some serious progress on the swimming. On a more positive note, another week is here. I wasn’t well yesterday (hence why my blog is a day late) so I’m having a rest today and then back on the pavement and in the pool from tomorrow. I’m going to be a little behind this week so will more than likely only manage to get two swims in, but I’ve learnt that beating myself up about what I’ve achieved so far isn’t going to help me with my challenge.

A positive mental attitude is what’s needed. If anyone out there reading this can point me in the right direction of where I can find some swimming lessons in London to help me get through this, I’d love to hear from you. Also, if you’d like to sponsor me, you can of course do so on my JustGiving page.


by Ben Wicks Media & PR Manager Ben Wicks, one of Marie Curie’s Media & PR Managers, is taking on the world’s biggest fundraising swim event, Swimathon. In the run up to the challenge Ben will be telling his story, documenting all the aches and pains of training and explaining why he’s raising money for Marie Curie. 

Ben Wicks, Media and PR Manager