Tea Party tips to top up your total


Blooming Great Tea Party season is just over a month away and I've been gathering some fundraising ideas from friends and family to help you raise as much money as possible for Marie Curie.

Last year a friend of mine decided to make a huge tea round at work, charging her colleagues for the privilege of not having to make a hot drink themselves. It must have been one of the largest tea rounds ever as there were about 40 people in her office! My cousin's tea party was on such a beautiful day that she had old-school garden races including egg and spoon, three-legged and sack races that guests paid a small amount to take part in (fingers crossed for a sunny June this year!) Another friend included cupcake and biscuit decorating competitions at her tea party - all for a donation to Marie Curie. I will be having a raffle, a guess the sweeties in the jar competition and stalls selling goods to boost the fundraising potential of my party. Hopefully you now have a few more ideas about how you can make your Blooming Great Tea Party as fruitful as possible. Speaking of fruitful, have you thought about the teatime treats you will be having at your tea party? We all have different tastes and ideas of what a treat is and it may be that you prefer something savoury like sandwiches and cheese scones than sweet treats. It might be that you are a chocoholic (like me) and will be having chocolate tea. Whatever you consider to be a treat, don't be afraid to ask others to make or even buy some (there's nothing wrong with that), so that you don't have the pressure of doing all of the catering. Of course if you do want to bake, then you have a few delicious recipes of mine to try!