The Belfast City Marathon: training doesn’t stop, not even on holiday

by Anne Hannan Partnerships Manager (Scotland & Northern Ireland) Anne Hannon, Belfast Marathon

I am now well and truly in the midst of the long hard miles with no room to let the tempo drop, so naturally I booked a holiday to the Grand Canaries! But don’t worry, it wasn’t all lying on the beach sipping mojitos, despite the glorious weather, I was training harder than ever.

Getting out for a run or jumping on the bike and not having to wrap up with several layers was a bit of a novelty to say the least. Some of the bike routes I took were amazing and while I did get some great training done, for me the best bits by far were the views from the top of the climbs - simply breathtaking.

More time to focus

Like many other women I work full time, run a house and care for two children which makes fitting in time to train a little tricky. I have found that you need to be incredibly organised. The one thing I realised on holiday was how easy training is when you simply have time to do it with no other distractions. No matter where I go at the minute my Marie Curie running vest isn't far behind. This holiday was no different. I wore it on each run and I have to say it blended in very nicely with the brilliant sunshine and blue skies. This holiday also saw me get some swimming training done. Now I hate to swim (ask anyone that knows me), but the sunny weather made the pool so appealing and I loved it. I spent a lot of time in the water.

Food for thought

Now that I’m home and having very much enjoyed my break, I’ve had to get back on the wagon! I’ve focused more on my training, but I've also sought professional advice on my diet. I’m now following a structured eating plan which is high in protein and very much geared to muscle repair and strengthening. At this stage in my training, and with long runs up to 16 miles, my diet has never been more important. That said I’m a little disappointed the plan made no mention of red wine! Training is really starting to ramp up now. Last week’s training plan was rather tough but strangely enjoyable! My top tip: cross training is the key. If you already have a marathon place, then join our team of runners and help support Marie Curie. Read previous blogs: