Two’s company when training for a marathon

Long runs are one of the most important days in training and something I never do alone. Chatting while running is a much-needed distraction when you're clocking up the miles and keeps you from focusing too much on numbers. These runs are all about getting your legs used to the mileage and speed isn't so important.

Two weeks ago my friends and I decided to meet early at a lido, drop off our kit, trot around for nine miles and be back for 10am to go swimming with other friends. Making a morning of it seemed like a good idea for training while also being able to have a laugh with mates. However, training doesn't always go the way you want it to. Three miles into my run I tripped over a wire hoop on the pavement and went FLYING, quite literally. Aside from the pain and the embarrassment I didn't want a stupid fall to mess up my plans.

Luckily we found a CrossFit competition going on nearby. I was cleaned and bandaged up before hobbling back to the lido where I still managed a swim (despite resembling a mummy!). Fortunately my injuries were mostly bruising and large grazes so I’ve still been able to continue my plan. Training for a marathon can take over your life and it's not always easy to fit around your schedule.  I also had a three-day wedding to attend abroad over this weekend, which meant I had to switch it up.

Unable to miss my long run I did a 14 miler after work on Thursday – not ideal but I made sure I had a friend come along for the ride. Without her I'm not sure I would have managed. It's easy to beat yourself up when things don't go as planned but I think it's important to just try your best, do what you can and, when you can, take a friend with you.


by Camila Fernandez Marie Curie fundraiser Camila is running the Virgin Money London Marathon for Marie Curie and will be writing a regular blog in the run up to the event in April. If you already have a place for this year’s event, we’d love you to join our Daffodil team to raise money for Marie Curie.