‘Volunteering with such a hard-working team has been inspiring’

by Marie-Luise Becker and Arzu Zeybek Student volunteers This week is Student Volunteering Week, a nationwide celebration of student volunteering. We’ll be celebrating the efforts of Marie Curie student volunteers every day this week by asking some of them to tell us what it’s like to volunteer while studying.

The Supporter Relations team
The Supporter Relations Team carry out a huge variety of tasks

Marie-Luise Becker and Arzu Zeybek volunteer in the Supporter Relations Team in Edinburgh as part of their student placements for the Leonardo-Program of the European Union. Last year they completed training to be Foreign Language Secretaries and will continue their studies in international economics and management when they return to Germany. What is your volunteering role? Arzu: The tasks I carry out while volunteering in the Supporter Relations Team vary widely and I have the opportunity to get involved in so many different processes. This can include dealing with voicemails and fundraising income, compiling event packs and sorting the post. Every day after our morning huddle the team starts dealing with a huge variety of tasks, and as a volunteer I can always find a gap to fill with my support. What is your favourite part of volunteering? Marie-Luise: I have learned a lot while volunteering in the Edinburgh office and it has been a really interesting experience. In particular I found the practical nature of my work here very beneficial; in Germany placements are often observation-based. I have gained a better understanding of how the charity works and its goals, all of which is great experience that I can apply to other roles in the future. Has volunteering had any impact on you personally? Arzu: The best thing about volunteering at the Marie Curie office in Edinburgh is that I am able to take responsibility for so many different things. This has had a positive impact on my personality. I have become more confident and my decision-making abilities have definitely improved. Volunteering with such a hard-working team has been inspiring. At the end of each day I feel peaceful knowing that not only have I gained experience and knowledge in my role, but I also contributed to making a difference to the team’s work and the way we support the charity’s activities as a whole. If you could offer one piece of advice to students thinking about getting involved in some volunteering, what would it be? Marie Luise: If you are interested in volunteering I would offer the following advice: even when work gets tough, always keep in mind why you got involved.  Soon I’ll go back to Germany and start studying for my Bachelor of Arts degree in International Management. I’m grateful for the opportunity I have had in the Supporter Relations Team I’ll never forget the great time I’ve had here. ­­­­­­­­­­To find a volunteering role that suits you, search though our current opportunities and apply online at mariecurie.org.uk/volunteering  .