Why I’m taking on a Walk to Remember

Diane's dad was cared for by Marie Curie Nurses in 2013. Here she explains why this experience has inspired her and members of her family to take on a Walk to Remember event in support of Marie Curie.

Diane as a child with her mum, dad and sister.

My dad, Alan, became ill in spring 2013 with a cough and fluid on his right lung. In April of that year he was diagnosed with mesothelioma. During his last week, myself and my sister moved in to help care for him, and our district nurse suggested contacting Marie Curie.

Marie Curie Nurses helped to care for Dad during these last two weeks of his life. The nurses allowed us to spend quality time with him and to get more rest. They also supported us emotionally, informing us about Dad’s health and preparing us for what lay ahead.

During the short time they spent with us, they became our friends. Dad was able to relax as he knew that my mum was being supported. This was a big relief for him. During the final moments of Dad’s life we stood and held hands together. My mum said a prayer over him.

The nurses were so inspirational that they motivated us to raise money for Marie Cure. Last year we saw Walk to Remember advertised and decided to do the walk at Shugborough. Unfortunately it was cancelled due to storms, but myself, my sister Lynda and niece Francesca had all raised quite a lot of money in sponsorship, so we decided to do our own walk near Bristol.

This year, my daughter Emily and I took part in the filming for the Walk to Remember advert. We had a great day out in front of the cameras. It was lovely to remember Dad and we’re looking forward to taking part in a Walk to Remember event this year.

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