Text to donate

Text NURSE to 70800 to donate £5 and help Marie Curie Nurses care for people living with a terminal illness. Texts cost £5 plus your standard network rate. Marie Curie will receive 98% of your donation. Thank you.

Why donate by text?

Donate by text is a fast and easy way to get a donation to us. All you need to do is send a text message from your mobile phone or smartphone to a special, five-digit text message number, such as the one above.

The donation then gets added to your pay monthly bill or taken off your pay as you go credit.

Donating by sending us a text message is one of the best ways of getting your donation to us. Your donation is transferred almost instantly, and Marie Curie receives between £4.96 and £5 per £5 donation, depending on your network provider. That means it’s also one of the most cost effective ways of donating. 

If you've already texted a donation, thank you so much. You’re helping us care for more people living with a terminal illness and their families. 

Donate by text regularly

You can also use your phone to set up a regular amount to give us each month.

To do this, text NURSE to 70007. This will donate £3 a month through your mobile phone and help Marie Curie Nurses care for people living with a terminal illness.

This is a subscription service. You’ll be charged your donation amount plus the cost of one standard rate text message. Marie Curie will receive 95% of your donation as we must pay a fee to use this SMS service. Every month you'll receive a free reminder text message the day before your gift is due. If you're happy to give, you don't need to do anything and your donation will be sent through. If you don’t want to give, you can choose to skip a month. 

Terms and conditions

Texts include the cost of your donation plus your standard network rate. 

We want you to see how your gifts are helping Marie Curie Nurses care for people living with a terminal illness and their families across the UK, so we'll send you regular updates on our work. You might also receive videos and other useful content that you can view on an internet-enabled phone or your computer. 

We won't charge you for this content but, as with any mobile browsing, viewing it could mean you incur charges from your network provider.  

If you would prefer not to receive any communications from us, please text ‘OUT’ to 78866. It can take us up to one working day to remove your number from our call list so please accept our apologies if you receive a call in the meantime. 

You can read our full terms and conditions on our mobile phone terms and conditions page.

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