Preparing for your walk

Preparing for your walk is essential to keep you safe and comfortable during the event.

Rachael, personal trainerGear

Invest in good quality, comfortable gear. You are going to be walking for a long time, so you need to give your body the best possible chance by making it as comfortable as possible. The key things are walking boots, waterproofs and layers. Wear them all when you are training. Never wear anything new on the big day.

Hot spots

If you feel like you are getting a blister - stop and treat it. If you don’t, they can become very painful. Make sure you have some compression pads or equivalent with you so you can treat any hotspots as soon as you feel them.

Make training social

Long walks take a long time so make your training fun and social. Walking is a great pastime and a great way to get friends and family out together. I love doing long walks with my friends, the time goes quicker, I’m never bored and we get to have a really good catch up.

That’s training smart!

Make it part of your routine

Build up your walking distances over a few months. You don’t have to do the full distance in training but it's key that you put plenty of miles in to your legs. Try and incorporate walking into your routine - if you commute to work, try to swap it for a walk. This is great training and a time saver. Have a look at your weekly routine and make sure walking is a part of it.

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