Trekking in memory of Florence for the Newcastle hospice

After losing his beloved wife Florence to cancer, Hylton decided to sign up for the Canadian Rockies trek to raise money for the Marie Curie Hospice, Newcastle, where Florence was cared for at the end of her life. 

"I decided to fundraise for Marie Curie to show my gratitude for the excellent care and support that my wife, Florence and I both received, especially in Florence’s final days spent in the Newcastle hospice.

"I signed up for the Canadian Rockies trek without hesitation about 15 months before the trek was due to occur. I chose this challenge because it not only reminded me of the many days Florence and I had enjoyed fell-walking in the Lake district, it gave me something positive to focus on with a long term goal.

Florence enjoyed fell-walking in the Lake District

"Raising the required sponsorship seemed like a mammoth task, but with the guidance of the fundraising team I managed to reach my target. I was surprised at the willingness of people to support my fundraising and just how many people have been affected by terminal illness, either through personal experience or having known someone affected.

New friends

"Getting fit enough for the trek meant going back to regular walks, and combined with my fundraising efforts, time soon passed. Before we knew it the departure date for the trek was here and my fellow trekkers and I were soon on our way. Trekking the Canadian Rockies was a fantastic challenge and each day was a new experience. Our professional local guides knew the very best routes to take advantage of both scenery and wildlife, and they also made the trek a very interesting and educational experience.

"Not only have I made some great new friends, I got a lot more in return than I could have ever expected. This is because of all of the people I have met along the way who have supported me and encouraged me to achieve all my goals.

Looking forward to my next challenge

"I feel healthier and more positive than I have for many years, and my life is on track again. I now help with fundraising locally and am looking forward to my next trek, especially knowing that the efforts of my fellow trekkers and I mean that many people living with a terminal illness will get the support they need when it matters most."

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