Why working as a Marie Curie Nurse is a privilege

Marie Curie Nurses allow people to stay at home towards the end of their life and provide respite for their family at a very difficult time. Elizabeth explains why she finds being a Marie Curie Nurse so fulfilling.

Marie Curie Nurse Elizabeth says:

“I love being able to give one-to-one attention to patients overnight.

“It can be a difficult job, but the satisfaction you get from letting someone die peacefully and with dignity makes it all worthwhile.

“To be with someone who is dying is such an extraordinary experience, an exclusive time for a family. As a Marie Curie Nurse, you are a privileged guest. You are there to offer help but you mustn’t rule the roost.

“It is such a huge difference caring for someone in their own home rather than in a hospital environment. That’s why I love being a Marie Curie Nurse. To go into patients’ homes and help them and their families is a huge privilege. “

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