Meet Nikki Strachan-Gordon

In 2016, Nikki Strachan-Gordon from Laurencekirk in Scotland is taking part in her fourth overseas trek. After trekking the Great Wall of China, Peru’s Inca Trail and the Sahara Desert, Nikki has signed up to take part in another Marie Curie Trek.

Last year, Nikki’s daughter Samantha died aged 28 after a nine-year battle with Ewing’s sarcoma, a rare type of bone cancer.

“Samantha thought I was mad when signing up for so many challenges. She just laughed every time I signed up for another one, but it’s worth it to raise so much cash for charity. Marie Curie Nurses looked after my father when he had cancer, and although my daughter chose not to use them, we knew they were there if needed.”
Nikki, Samantha's mum

After experiencing the intense desert conditions during Marie Curie’s Sahara Trek in 2014, Nikki said she never wanted to see another sand dune again. However she didn’t hang up her boots for long. Celebrating at the end of her last challenge and returning home with so many fantastic memories had her rushing to sign up for her next trek.

Nikki has enjoyed getting back to her training and fundraising, she even took her walking boots with her on holiday to Cyprus, helping her to prepare for trekking in intense heat. Her most successful fundraising event was an 80’s theme night which raised over £850 and she’s well on the way to reaching her trek target in 2016.

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