Great Wall of China training plan

You've signed up to a trek, got your hiking boots out and your kit on – but are you still not sure just where to start? Whether you’re embarking on your first ever trek, stepping up to a more challenging distance or just looking for some inspiration, we’ve got it covered.

Why should you train?

Training is a fundamental step when it comes to any trip, especially one that is renowned for being physically demanding. Although walking is something you do everyday - walking uphill, over 10miles a day, in hot or cold conditions and sometimes in high altitude is something you will need to train for. While you do not need to be super fit to trek, it is still very important to train.

More important than anything else is Cardio-vascular (CV) training which will help you to improve your aerobic capacity. Having an increased CV fitness level, will enable the tissues within the body to consume oxygen more efficiently. This will result in the more effective use of energy supplies, substantially improving ones chances of a successful challenge attempt.

What are you training for?

You are essentially training in order to complete your trek. The best way for you to accomplish your trek is for you to go trekking; preferably up in some mountains or up some steps to develop your strength, stamina and cardiovascular fitness. Your legs will be performing the same action continuously for a prolonged amount of time – so part of your training is to enable your legs to develop a natural motion whilst increasing the ability of your legs to work efficiently for a longer period of time. 

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