How to pay in the money you've raised

By raising money for Marie Curie you’re making a real difference in the lives of people with terminal illnesses and their families. And we can’t thank you enough.

Here's how you can pay the money you raise in. 

Online fundraising

If you’ve been collecting money through a JustGiving or Virgin Money Giving page, the money will be sent to us automatically.

By phone

Call 0845 052 4184 to transfer funds over the phone.

By post

Please send cheques, made payable to Marie Curie Trading Ltd to:

Overseas Treks and Cycles
Marie Curie
PO Box 23897
14 Links Place

By cash

You'll receive three paying in slips. These are to be used for depositing cash raised at your local bank (this doesn't need to be a Natwest bank). There are two counterfoils on each paying in slip. One of these counterfoils is for your records, the other should be sent to the Treks and Cycles Team at the address above.

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