Where we'll be on race day

When it comes to the Brighton Marathon we can’t wait to cheer you on and meet you on the big day. Check out our information below to see where you can find us.

Our Team Marie Curie cheer point

We’ll be not only along the route to cheer you on we’ll also have a charity marquee located in the runners village!

When it comes to our cheer points, we'll be hard to miss! We’ll be located in two points along the course. The first on Grand Parade between Edward Street and Kingswood Street (use postcode BN2 9TS) it’s only about 5 mile into the run. The second being is located along Kingsway on the beach side of the road, at about 24.5 miles when you might be feeling the last few miles. So not only will we be cheering you on as you start, we’ll be there to cheer super loudly as you finish. 

If you friends and family would like come join us please do encourage them to do so, we have plenty of space at these particular cheer points. The first point, you they will be able to see you running past twice so they’ll need to get there early, we will be there from 9:15am until 11:00am. The second point is a great position as it’s when you will need to see them the most! We’ll be here from 11.00am to around 2pm.

Cheer station 1

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