Strength Training

So, you’ve started to rack up those all-important miles, but what else can you do to improve your marathon training? Strength training is the answer you’re looking for. If it isn’t part of your training plan already, now is the time to start introducing exercises to strengthen your core and of course those leg muscles

Why is strength training important?

Well apart from being the best ‘non running’ exercise for you, strength training comes with many benefits and is a must for any one taking on a long distance run.

Strength training will help improve your running over all and become a more efficient runner, which will then lead you to run faster. It is also known for helping avoiding injuries as the stronger your body gets, the more resilient you will be when it comes to the demands of running.

What exercises should I be trying out?

There are so many different exercises you can take on.  Those which will target multiple muscle groups, such as squats, deadlifts and bench presses are especially good for improving your overall strength.

Bodyweight exercises are also really great for runners; these include planks, glute bridges, mountain climbers and lunges.

It doesn’t matter too much where the resistance is coming from; you can mix it up with free weight training at the gym or even home exercises.

How often should I be doing this?

You’ll need to figure out what works for you, starting slowly when you introduce this in the first couple of weeks but then building up to performing strength exercises regularly. Ideally you want to be looking at introducing this into your training plan two or three times a week, on days when your training is less intense or even on your rest days. 

Runners World   have put together their top 10 strength exercises that’ll get you running stronger and faster before you know it. 

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